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Avoid guests to see attached images


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In IPS3 I dissabled the permissions for guests to Download Attachments, so they cannot see pdf, zips or images. Now in IPS4 guests has the same permissions but even when they are not able to dowload pdf's in my site they can see all photos uploaded by my users. Why? How can I do to keep the attached images hidden for guests like I used to do in IPS3? Thanks.

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8 hours ago, Robert Angle said:

Are you referring to photos in the Gallery app, or photos attached to posts in the Forum app?

Attachments in forum posts

6 hours ago, chilihead said:


That doesn't work - even with the correct permissions, guests can still view the photos

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16 hours ago, Subzero-mb said:

Nop, I still do not know why it is happening but right now every guest user can see all photos. If you find how to do it please tell me because nobody is answering here...


I also logged a call with invision support yesterday and they have come back with the following - so fingers crossed.

Might also be worth you logging a call to to help with the escalation of this issue



We've reviewed your request and unfortunately, it is going to require further investigation. I've escalated your ticket, and it will be addressed as quickly as possible. Because of the advanced nature of your request, please note that it may take longer than usual to fully address your concern. Please also note that advanced support is only available Monday through Friday. I apologize for this delay.

Please ensure, to avoid further delay, that the access information provided on file is and remains valid throughout the duration of this request.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience; we look forward to working towards a resolution for you.

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There is a great plugin in the marketplace that hides images for guests.

unfortunately it is not suitable for my site as my images are hosted in Amazon s3 and the developer hadn't been able to get it to work.

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OK you are not going to believe this - but it is not possible to restrict guests from viewing images anymore!!

I have just had the following reply from support.



The way that post data is stored has changed in IPS4. When you attach an image, it is added to the post as a plain image so there is no way to intercept it and remove it if you do not have download permission enabled. Download permissions really only apply to non-image files that are uploaded.

I would recommend that your members add the images into a word document or PDF file so that guests can not download them for now, or use the Gallery application to better control permissions and allow your members to create their own albums inside that.

I have opened up a development discussion with our team on how we can improve this functionality in the future.

Kind Regards,

Matt Mecham
Invision Power Services, Inc."

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@Unlucky they also replied to me with a different response, but I have seen right now and I cannot upgrade until the weekend. This is the response:


Please could you try upgrading to the latest 4.1.7 which has just been released and try this again.


If you do not see this showing up within your admin cp, you can go to System>Site Features>Applications and select “Check for Updates”.


If this does not resolve your issue, please let us know and we can take a further look at this for you.

So maybe they have fixed it (very fast). If you upgrade earlier please tell me if it works.

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On Thursday, January 14, 2016 at 4:27 AM, Robert Angle said:

Hmm. Interesting. Although, I cannot think of a use-case for this feature, other than to encourage guests to register for accounts.

Robert this is a very common feature in every forum software. Many of us we keep the forum "open" just because it is the only way Google index our content and later one people find us in their searchs. If there would be a way to appear in google (a legal way) and keep our content hide for visitors many of us we will do it.


But just to appear in google results we do not need to also show the images to visitors, so even knowing many people will just read our content and dissapear if at least we keep the images hidden we will have more chances to get a conversion from this visitor.


The problem here is the IPS3 posts were saved in the database something like this:

This is the text of the post bla bla bla. I put an image here:
And I finish my text here

So it was easy to just remove tags [attachment=] for visitors

But now in IPS4 the images are saved in plain html, like this:

This is the text of the post bla bla bla. I put an image here:
<img src="image.jpg">
And I finish my text here

so it is not so easy to remove (apparently). We will see if it has been fixed in this new release or not...

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