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Template Tag for Current Storage Path


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I am making a custom template for database records and one of the fields is "upload" with "allow multiple uploads".

The uploads are basic images and I am manipulating the content items to use the LightBox.

I could not find a template tag (https://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/advanced-usage/development/template-tags-r76/) to give me the path to the current storage in my system.

I do not want to use a fixed path in my template like "www.mysite.com/forum/uploads" because I may want to use CDN or Amazon S3 in the future and I would have to manually change all the templates of all databases that use the field "upload".

So, how to get dynamically the path to the current storage settings?

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Hello @Ralf Herrmann! I am dealing with an upload field with multiple uploads. The content of the filed is many images with paths separated by commas, like: "/forum/uploads/monthly_04_2011/image_name_01.jpg,/forum/uploads/monthly_04_2011/image_name_02.jpg,/forum/uploads/monthly_04_2011/image_name_03.jpg".

In the database record template I want to show this images, but I do not want to use a fixed path, I want to dynamically generate the path, in the case I decide to change the storage settings or use a CDN.

But how to use 

{file="$the-file-name" extension="the-extension-identifier"}

in this case?

I know that I can do this:

{{$images = explode(",", $record->customFieldDisplayByKey('key_name'));}}

But I do not know how to get only the 


to generate dynamically the path for the file.

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