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Rare wrong date in quotes


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'{# [1:hora][?:horas]}' != '{#[1:hora][?:horas]}'

There's an extra space in your string after the #, both in the screenshot and your copy/paste.... try removing it?

Ok, I am going test... but now there is not space:


Captura de pantalla 2015-08-05 a las 15.33.44.png

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I'm the language author.

I've checked it

In the language string time_hours_ago which was {# [1:hour][?:hours]} ago I translated as Hace # [1:hora][?:horas]} when it had to be Hace {# [1:hora][?:horas]}

I missed the {

I'm uploading a new translation for v4.0.12.1 with this error corrected...


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