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How To: Rename Pages, move it and make is as homepage


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how do I rename Pages?

how do I make Pages as homepage? (when people visit my site, its the Pages they see not the Forum)

I have Forums, Chat Calendar, Pages in my navbar. How do I move the Pages before Forums so it's first in the navbar?


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ACP → System → Applications

Drag & drop the apps to choose the order you like for the menu. Click on the star icon on the right side to pick your default app, i.e. the one which appears as homepage. 

Thanks Ralf

How do I change name from 'Pages' to 'Updates'?

Went to ACP > Pages > Pages (Page Management) > clicked pencil edit on 'articles.html' > changed 'Page Name' field from Pages to Updates but that didn't do anything


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You will need to translate 'Pages' to 'Updates'. Easiest way is to go to ACP > Customization > Languages  then on English click live translation then double click Pages in the menu structure and a text box will pop up to translate it

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