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An error has occurred #2T187/2


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After upgrading to IPB 4.0.11 on my live site (http://carnity.com) email was not working so changed to PHP mail and started receiving plenty of emails on #2T187/2 Check attached.

And there is plenty of /uploads/pip_ in error log.....! Looks like profile section has a broken image that may be triggering this on every post/thread view and not on homepage view.

Can anyone please explain what is this and how to fix it....? Thanks in advance.



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Cleared the cache, and did what you said still some errors are appearing. Now new one surfacing 2S100/6

I already reported this since yesterday with urgent flag and within 2 hours they remove the flag saying it's not critical and someone will contact... I am waiting.

Thanks to forum and you at least I have made decent progress in killing 90% error email flashing my inbox every 5 minutes.


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