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How to remove the word Forums


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On 04/08/2015 11:12:54, EmpireKickAss said:

I added this.

body[data-pageapp=forums][data-pagelocation=front][data-pagemodule=forums][data-pagecontroller=index] .ipsPageHeader 


is this the only way to remove it as i get worried about adding things into the coding?

I mean also I want to remove other obvious words like on my gallery page  so how do we remove them all?


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8 minutes ago, Meddysong said:

In your custom.css file, Karen. Customization > Themes > click on the </> icon for the relevant theme > click on the tab CSS.

From there navigate to core > front > custom > custom.css, which will already be visible after you click the tab CSS.

thanks i did that ( nice and clear) but it left a bar with nothin in it still  ... can this be removed too?


8 minutes ago, DealTrakr said:


Display none will hide stuff on the front end but it's still viewable in the source, so from a seo standpoint, not great.

oh well im going to rely on my members spreading the word rather than seo for search so i think it should be ok for me to do more than likely... thanks

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