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google bot cant crawl for mobile


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i got this message from google webmaster tools 


Dear webmaster of http://advancedanime.com/,



We want to let you know that smartphone users might not be able to access your content at all, and Google might not be able to show your pages in search results. This is because Googlebot for smartphones encountered a sudden jump in the number of blocked URLs for your site.



Two common reasons for this issue:
- returning an HTTP 403 (forbidden) response code,
- displaying a login page for Googlebot for smartphones.



when i check the crawl errors every page is listed and i get this error message for them 


"Googlebot couldn't crawl your URL because your server either requires authentication to access the page, or it is blocking Googlebot from accessing your site."

this is the url the message is referring to http://advancedanime.com/forum/profile/195460-caleyan/ but every url including gallery urls get this message as well (just providing one url so you can see the page works fine)


Hopefully i can get this fixed because its effecting my search ranking massively.



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