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Help with custom Blocks


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Hello all,

I'm having issues setting up some custom Blocks. IPS official documentation does not help.

A few things I'm trying to set up

- Featured content widget

- Ability to see top posters in specific forums (being able to use setting to manually select each forum, or at least being able to make them private to only I can see them)

- Being able to remove myself and Mods as people who are listed as top contributors

Thanks a ton,




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You can setup Blocks from left sidebar steps:


1.Login as Administrator (As member)

2.Left side you will see a drop down (arrow) click on Manage Blocks

3.Then you drag any block you want


that is it


hope it help

Sadly it is not that easy. Those Blocks do not come out of the box. you need to add text on certain pages in order for custom Blocks to pull that data. 

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