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Will older modification still works for 4.0


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In general no. IPS4 is a complete full rewrite with a new framework.

Having said that there are now quite a lot of 4x versions of popular 3x addons and themes (skins) available so it is likely that some of the items you had for your 3x board may already be built into 4x or available in the Marketplace

If there is anything specific that does not appear to be available the first thing to do would be to ask in its support topic to see if the author plans either an update or a new version.

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It will take some time for the developers to catch up and get familiar with a new system.

4 is a completely new platform.

The drawback is those 3 mods wont' work. The advantage is a new system with a lot more benefits for devs and end users. 

Gettin there...

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