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Who's online ? Forum statistics ?


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Its all very highly customizable now. :)

On the very left middle click the small arrow:


It will open showing something a bit like this (note I have a few things extra and a few missing) YMMV :)


Now click the item in question, in your case you want System:


You can now drag that 'online' to where-ever you wanted it, the bottom or the side etc.

Have a look at the other options and items on this too while you are there so you can adjust it as needed.

Note you'll probably need to re-do this for topic and forum view as well as the index, this depends on what you want to show and where. :)

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the manager block does not exist on my IPB forum ... 4.0.11, support told me that we must have the Pages application, I took the license Pages for nothing ... because I was still not block editor...

it's been a week since I seek and I find not ...

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