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Locked Task for over a week!


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running dedicated server with 32gb ram and have high server load


When you see the high spikes its when i decidd to add into cronjob and on wednesday after the huge spike i removed the task fron cron and load was a bit lower. 

The following tasks appear to be locking frequently: queue.
Please run them manually. If you require assistance with any errors shown please contact technical support.


this has been plauging me for a week and i cant seem to solve this. Created support ticket already but it takes so long time for them to reply but of course im not a enterprise customer. So was wondering if we can get a command line to execute these background tasks as it might solve the issue?

i did php backtrace and 100% hdd write it all led to my forum. I also suspended my forum for brief moment and saw server load returning to normal

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I had that fault exactly the same& raised a ticket for it. It was then investigated by the IPS Support guys & they sorted it out.

Apparently, it was one of the other tasks causing it


Once resolved, all of my background tasks completed in a couple of days

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shame that ips dont share how they solve it otherwise you could had potentially helped me :(

its frustrating that i get a reply once every 24 hours only getting inaction... could you maybe provide a ticket id perhaps it could help ips staff to solve my issue faster?

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