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Modify shown information about topics

Pavlin Petkov

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How can I change the displayed info for the topics. For example I would like to remove the date when the topic was created.


Easiest way?

Probably a template modification.

Under your style, templates -> Forums -> Topics -> topic template most likely editing the 

<span class='ipsType_normal'>{{if $topic->isQuestion()}}{lang="ask_byline_no_date" htmlsprintf="$topic->author()->link( $topic->warningRef() )"}{{else}}{lang="topic_started_by" htmlsprintf="$topic->author()->link( $topic->warningRef() )"}{{endif}}</span>, <span class='ipsType_light ipsType_noBreak'>{datetime="$topic->start_date"}</span><br>

and removing the {datetime="$topic->start_date"} - but I'm not going to guarantee that it will be correct as I'm STILL muddling through IPS templates (which are not as user friendly as my other sites scripts).


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