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Database schema check tool


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Hello everyone,

since I've upgraded to IPB4.x, my members and I have noticed that the forum is slower than before. I wonder whether there's some tool that checks the database indexes and all those details, because during the period the background processes were running, just after the upgrade, they stopped several times and had to restart them (via cron, via the internal task manager, via the "run now manually" button, I tried them all!) and I'm worried that some operations might have not completed successfully and/or gracefully, although my ACP reports they have. By the way I'm on a 4GB, 2CPU, SSD digital ocean droplet, with nothing else on it.

Thanks for your help.

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Have your background tasks now completed? These background tasks are resource intensive so while they are running it will be slower.

You can also run the Support Tool to check for errors in your database, ACP -> System -> Support -> Something isn't working correctly.

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