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Allow custom fields in Downloads to be searchable


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In Downloads, you can add your own custom fields  (ACP -> Downloads -> Extra Fields).

However, only "text" field types can be given search behavior...


which really limits the usefulness of having extra fields..

Please allow check boxes, radio groups, and other selectors to also be searchable.

This allows for items to be much more infinitely organized when uploaders are required to select from a predefined drop-list or checkbox list to further describe their item, and then it allows users to directly search for these values.

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I would like to tack onto this, if I may. Please give the field types some control at the code level on how to perform the search in all apps. A 'getSearchWhere' if you will. If one goes outside the box even a little with a custom field type it becomes apparent there is no real support for doing searching against it, and no way to add that support(there... is a lot of hardcoded stuff in the search controller), which is why these are so limited in downloads as well, I would surmise.

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