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Importing Database


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Hey guys,

I hope I'm in the right forum. I have a problem with importing my live database to my test location. It is the same server, just a subdomain, so all requirements are met (and both are running von version 3.4.8).

What I did was the following

  • create database backup (tried phpMyAdmin & MySQL Dumper)
  • freshly installed 3.4.8
  • uploaded my custom skin, activated, recached and so on
  • imported the database

Now my problem is that all buttons are missing their text or e.g. the stats in the forums are missing. I've partially translated the suite, but even those not translated show this behaviour. 

I am now curios if I did something wrong (I did not follow the steps like in the "Transferring Community to a New Server" Guide, so I am not sure if there have to paths changed (I did change the paths the guide suggested, though)

Furthermore I changed the .htaccess to the new path of the subdomain, added the changed furlTemplates. Right now I do not really know what else I could do.


If you need any further information please feel free to ask for it.


Thanks in advance


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I've kind of solved it by downloading all folders from the webspace and re-uploaded them to the demo site. I don't know why, but that brought back the buttons. Maybe the upload failed and some files are missing, I don't really know. At least that fixed the problem for me.



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