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Brian Klein

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IPB Staff,


I wanted to take the time to write you outright, because I felt that you all needed some love. With all the donkey work you folks are putting into the service you provide the software is amazing; Now, I know we pay for this service and some would say that what I am doing is equivalent to paying the postman 20 bucks to deliver my mail, I just feel you needed to feel good for a moment.

I do hope you are sipping your coffee as you read this and taking a deep breath, after all your work here has not gone un-noticed. I know it cannot be easy as you upgrade night and day to safeguard everyone has their systems up and running and I cannot speak for anyone else other than myself when I express my gratitude. I, myself am truly grateful as you have done a lot for me in service even when the community has failed me. You have gone out of your way not only to answer tickets for the dumbest questions I’ve asked, but you have also come into the community and answered my questions there, even when the community is stand-offish.


From the bottom of my heart,

Thank You.

(No need for reply, I am not looking for any recognition)

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