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Profile cover image height

The Old Man

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One of my members is complaining about the height of the profile cover image, in that it doesn't show much.

Is it possible to edit the minimum height, or allow the member to change it? It would good if a member could adjust the size say by dragging the bottom border.

Many thanks.

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I haven't tried this yet because I need to use a PC and not an iPad to be able to paste code in the CSS editor (don't ask).

However in theory what you enter into custom.css is supposed to be preserved when you upgrade. There are reports on here that suggest that's not always been the case. I'd make a copy of any custom.css just in case before upgrading.

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On 7/28/2015 at 1:52 AM, Daniel F said:

You could add

#elProfileHeader {
	height: 300px;

to your custom.css template.
But this would change it global for every profile.

If you want to let your members choose the height, you'll need a plugin, 

i added that to my custom css but it messsed up where the nae and photo are located and i cant seem to fix it


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