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Sign in shows v3 login name, not v4 display name


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On our main site, which is currently at v3.4.7, I have a login name of paul_c and a display name of Paul C. I created a test site by creating a replica of the main site and doing an upgrade. I knew the v4 would merge the two and I knew that you could sign in with email address if you forget your display name etc. So I accepted the default/recommendation during the install, to change signins to Display Name.

I knew about this first time I signed into the site. So I changed paul_c to Paul C and signed in.

What I wasn't expecting though, is that every time I sign in (after signing out - I have a couple of test normal accounts as well as my main account which has the admin stuff too) I'd be presented with paul_c as the sign in name, instead of (logically) the one most recently used, eg test_member or Paul C. Using Firefox (latest version) on Windows 7 if it helps, and with defaults eg not deleting cookies or history when I exit Firefox etc etc.

Any ideas? See screenshot attached. Is this happening for everyone else (who had a slightly different display name and login name under v3)?

Image 235.jpg

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This is the saved logins in your browser and not something related to the IPS software ;) 

To delete this information, you can follow the instructions from the Firefox website: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/password-manager-remember-delete-change-passwords

I don't use Firefox's password manager. Eek! Apologies...I thought I didn't use it, but the option was checked in my browser's options, I have no idea how (was probably me a long time ago and I forgot I set it...)

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