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Admin statistics are weak - and could be a lot better.


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Right now, the admin panel lacks in a lot of useful statistics that would be helpful for administrators. Some ideas:

  • Info on attachments/files stored: Bandwidth usage, charts of increasing storage usage to assist in managing file space. Integrate this with the way gallery does things, and the existing system>files interface, so theres one unified interface for tracking user content/images so we can see what content is taking the most resources.
  • Detailed statistics on more then posts and topics - I would like to see similar charts to the ones currently used for posts, but for other features, like comments, or gallery images. Maybe make the statistics more fine, so I can see posts by hour rather than just day.
  • User online chart: See what times of the day draw more users.

Thats just a few things, there are obviously a lot more things that could be done. If anyone else has ideas for things that could be better reported on, please leave a reply!

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That's one of my annoyances as well with IPB at the moment. The statistics are off and correctly counted properly it seems like for me. I do like the new redesign compared to 3.X but i'd like to see more effort put in as well to improving it along with your additions


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