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Creating a Block with Topic Feed, doesn't work


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I have been messing with this for over an hour.  I try to create a block, using the topic feed, select the forum I wish to feed content from, then save.

Basically it just reverts to selecting every forum category on the board instead of the one that I selected.  When I return to the block to view and edit it, it has also reverted back to ALL FORUM areas.

Is there something I am missing here or id the software just not working at all yet with BLOCKS and selecting forums?  Should I submit a ticket?  I can't quite understand why I can select a specific forum area and then it instead select topics from the entire board.  Nothing I have tried seems to fix this.


Sounds like a bug?

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Ok, maybe I am a bit slow on the uptake.  Seems after spending some time reading through the Bug section that this has been reported and is coming to a version near you, 4.0.12 maybe.

Some of the tags issues are supposed to have been fixed already in 4.0.11 so now I need to get that to download.  When I click to download the upgrade it just hangs.

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