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How to copy permissions?


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Hello support,

I've already posted that question at the clients area but they told me it's better doing it here.

Next week I'll do another try to convert my vb to ipb4. At the end of every conversion process I had to set all the permissions for the different forums and user groups. Due to the fact that we have over 120 forums and 25 usergroups it was always a lot of work to set the permissions. Some forums and usergroups have the same permissions.

Can I speed that up to copy rights from one forum/usergroup to the other or is there no built in feature to do that like we had in vbulletin?

Thanks in advance for a feedback.

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No, I don't want to convert the permissions (I know that this is not possible). So the thread has nothing to do with the converter (now in the wrong forum). I just asked if I can copy permissions from one forum to the other and from one usergroup to the other.

I hope now everybody understands what I mean.

Otherwise I have to set the permissions for 120 forums manually although 50% of them have almost the same permissions. So I just want to set only the permissions of one forum and then copy the settings to the others.

Is this possible? In vb it was.


P.S.: Oh, seems to be another bug in ipb. I just edited my first post and now the thread is in the technical forum again although the redirect is still there.

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