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IP.Chat is not upgrading from 5 to 50 Userplan immediately


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I just bought an IP.Chat User plan with 50 users, but it still only shows 5 users possible (and 5 user work fine, but only 5!).

I already reloaded the license in the forum backend and it shows 50 user limit.

Whats wrong?

Any cache problem?

How long do I have to wait for the automatic activation for 50 users?

Or do I have to press any button to recache anything else in the backend?

Kind regards


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Sorry, misunderstanding. The license in the forum backend shows 50 user limit. That's ok.

But only 5 users can still use the chat at a time, as it was before upgrading the license.

So there must be another switch button in the backend or cache reloading mechanism to change the operation from 5 to 50...

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