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Problem with special characters in title -> url, (ä, ö, ü, ß)


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we just found out that special characters (i.e. in german: ä ü ö ß) are not being converted correctly in URLs.

In German we also have long versions for those characters. They should always be used für URLs and not the special character itself.

Ä, ä => ae
Ö, ö => oe
Ü, ü => ue
ß => ss

So Threads should be converted like following example:

Thread title of: Was für ein Glück
should be converted to: 54659-was-fuer-ein-glueck/

But the current ipb version makes following wrong URL:

Those kind of URLs are terrible. How can it be fixed?

Thanks in advance.


Wow, here at the official forum I see the characters in the URL. At my board they are being shown as described above.

But anyway. All special characters should be converted to the long version for URLs.

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