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IP.Pages Unique Fields


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I think it would be an awesome feature if there could be a way to make a field unique that way that if it already exists in the database that it cannot be re-submitted. I don't know how many people would use such a filter but I know that I could think of at least two applications:

  1. Unique URLs (like to a directory like what I run)
  2. Unique members (That way only one submission can be done by the member in a database that only one active record can be allowed)

Obviously I don't expect it to be perfect (domain.com versus domain.com/index.php) but it would help me immensely if I could force certain things to be unique within the database, similar to display names or emails.

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This feature is very import to avoid duplicated database records in databases that users can post content. I am willing to build a wiki database for certain professionals and having more than one record for the same person is really annoying. 

I hope we get this feature soon.

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