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4.0.11 - Custom CSS


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Enough with these stupid mistakes!!!
My fourth custom CSS are empty now after upgrade (w00t)(w00t)

I created them in 4.0.9 and so far there was no problem.
This your haste with new versions is absolutely disgraceful.
I am very disappointed ...

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We use custom CSS on some of our test installs and did not have any issue that I can see.

I am sorry you are having this problem. You say this is the fourth time this has happened to you but I see on your account you have not submitted a support request since March and the only time you submitted a bug report about CSS was back in May which you later replied saying it was fixed.

We will certainly look into any issues any client is having but you must bring those issues to our attention. Otherwise we don't know you are having trouble :)

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For the first time this is happening. 4 my custom CSS are absolutely empty. There are only names CSS. This is my main theme which is default.
I have another theme - it got old data - now we have to lose two days to restore them - who will pay it?
You do a lot of crap.
And no, you do ticket.

Many, I'm infinitely disappointed.

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