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Update broke site, white pages with no styling.


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On my IPB4 dev server I updated my test forum to the latest 4.0.10.X version. I have an SSL on the test forum (as I do my live site) and the upgrade has broken this, somewhere. Unsure where, but now all my pages are white with no styling from the theme.

The url in conf_global.php was reset to http:// so I went ahead and changed it back to https:// but I can't recall what else I had to do to get an SSL to work with IPB4 originally and can't find it using the search function on this forum...

These settings should not be impacted during each and every upgrade. The ability to have your full forum to operate via https should be available in the dashboard. If this was a live site I'd be offline right now as I await an update. Luckily I have not upgraded my live site to IPB4 yet.

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