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Trevor Carey

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Well, it wasn’t really there for enjoyment. ;-)

It was there for a purpose – to preview styling and embedding, which are now already present while you create the post. It makes no sense to see everything already and then hit a button to see the same thing once more before you publish it. 

As long as you don’t want to manually write bb codes all the time, what do you really miss about the preview? 

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When members post images from url the images are not shown. So we need a preview button.

Images should auto-embed. As @broni pointed out there is patch for this if it is still not happening.

The only thing you'll need a "preview" for anymore is BBCode but BBCode should no longer be necessary. If you think of a situation that you need the preview button for, please post it up and we can let you know if it's covered by the editor :) .

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