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Login Handlers not work for me - someone can help me for test my config?


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Hi at all...

I still have a problem with recaptcha2 and i've report to support request, but after many test isn't simple to understood what is the problem.

Now i've test Login Handlers with google, and twitter, but both report a message like this:

* rejected the details provided. Please check the details you provided have been entered correctly and try again.

 ... no recaptcha2, no login with external server... obviously is a problem with my server, but i've curl; fsockopen; file_get_contents...

someone can help me to understood how i can fix (or ask to server for fix)?


Test fsockopen: http://www.laltroweb.it/test.php (seems to be valid);

IPS4 check script: http://www.laltroweb.it/ips4.php > http://www.laltroweb.it/ips4.php?phpinfo



Thanks in advance for any help,

Salvatore Noschese :)

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