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Embedable previews for categories from IP.Gallery/Downloads


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One of the really great features in 4.x is that you can paste a link to any content from within the community to any post and it will create a nifty preview thingy automatically like this:

That's really cool. Unfortunately it does not work for Gallery and Download Categories. I find this to be an issue as both gallery and download categories can list items that one might like to share within an article.

For example:

An editor adds a gallery with a whole bunch of sub categories for a new movie.

  • Terminator Genisys (2015)
    • Category "Movie Stills"
      • images
    • Category "Behind the Scenes"
      • images
      • video clip

Now this editor likes to embed the newly added Terminator Genisys category to a news article he is writing. This does not work unfortunately, only albums (for gallery) and specific files (for downloads) do.

Thanks! :)

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