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Product improvement for the Pages menu would be able to Manage Apps.

In the 3.4 version of Pages (IP.Content) you could manage all menu items through the "Custom" menu options. In the 4.0 version you are not able to do this, you can only create a "URL" to the applications or use the default tab. I request that the functionality to manage the tabs come back!

I figure it could be implemented in one of two ways,

  1. The applications that have tabs showing are by default moveable/manageable in the menu (like the previous version)
  2. An option in the "Type" dropdown is added which is "Application" and when you choose it, like the "Page" it generates a list of the applications. You choose that, get your permissions etc and then save from there.

I miss having contextual apps but loathe having all of my apps all spread out on tabs (it's inconvenient) and not necessary for every site.

Thank you.

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Well, we know the menu manager will be moved to the Core at some point at least.

Hopefully this means they'll also include the changes you're describing, allowing us more control over the menu and being able to place everything where we want it, regardless of the applications. :)

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