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Random EX1054 error.

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Every now and again when clicking 'home' I get the following error:

Sorry, there is a problem
Something went wrong. Please try again.
Error code: EX1054

I've tried to trouble shoot the error by deleting cookies and trying to be logged in or logged out (happens either way). It seems to be random and mostly on pages that have widgets assigned to them. I have block widgets, the latest post widget, whos online widget, gallery widget, and upcoming events widget on the page. When the error does occur on a single column layout page, the header box disappears and the side-bar disappears. Only the main body (which is a topic feed) appears.

It doesn't show up in my log file, so no idea why it's happening. I know, not much to go on, but does anyone else have this issue? It just started with the last 4.0.10.x updates. Haven't had any issues before now.

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I think I know where the problem is. The recent post widget for forums. It will not show up for guests, even if there are posts that guests should be able to view. It just gives me the EX1054 error or it won't display the wdiget at all.. I didn't notice at first that it wasn't displaying.

Entered as a bug

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