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Unlink...is there a way?


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Unless I'm missing something...

Let's say in some topic I want to address two people. To avoid misspelling their names I copy their names from their user panes. Those copy as hot links

Then I want to write this:

@ Storyteller and CodingJungle

I did put it in codebox because if I paste those names normally two things happen:

1. Both names are hotlinked and I want just plain text (typing letter by letter is the only other option?)

2. After pasting "Storyteller" and can't add "and" because pressing "space" and trying to type anything will keep extending Storyteller hotlink like this:

Storyteller and

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I see. Paste as plain text works.

Thanks :)

It was more obvious with older CKEditor where there was "unlink" tool.

unlink is also in this ckeditor - unfortunately it's not enabled in the config that IPS uses.

Request to IPS: please could you add 'unlink' into the default configuration files for CKEditor (it's not a plugin so can't be added by us, and hacking away at the config isn't pretty)

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Also - double click the linked text in the editor, and 'remove link' - I've only just found you can double click on stuff in the editor and bring up dialogue boxes - try it on images, you can change size, positioning...

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