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Suggestion: Add post teaser instead of topic title to notification so we know the exact post and don't have to click


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I click all these notifications to see what post was Liked etc. but what if the notification used a post teaser so we didn't have to click them? Then we'd know what post they liked just from reading the list. It would save a lottttttt of time. If we weren't sure by the teaser we could click. But that would be really nice!


"Member" liked your post "Great job Mike! I'm really glad..."

You could add the topic title at the end but as a space saver I much prefer the post teaser. 

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It would surely fit. I would like to see this for Likes in all apps for posts and comments. Point being you don't need to click to a post to just see a Like if that can be accomplished at the notification level. :) Other notifications are different and you need to read the post they quoted, or why you were mentioned.

Members often go Like-bombing on some forums. Wake up and you have 158. See what they liked. Keep scrolling. 


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