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I finally got enough courage to start playing around with some new things in IPB & I activated Twitter for Login. I noticed a few bugs & I am sorry if you already know about them, I also thought about some improvements.

1. When you connect your account in the profile settings & allow it to grab your photo & banner... It grabs a really low quality Display photo & Instead of grabbing my banner, it grabbed my twitter background.


2. When you allow it to grab your latest status updates & post them as status updates on the forum, it would be nice if it ignored tweets starting with @. At the moment it grabs tweets directed towards people & therefore it makes no sense.


Feature Rquest:

When logged out & without having Twitter connected to your account, if you click to login via Twitter it takes you to a 'Create username' & 'add e-mail'. For users who are already registered it would be good to still have that option, but ALSO have an option to the right saying "if you are already registered, connect Twitter Login to your account here: Login".

I understand you can just go to your profile settings and connect it there, but it would be good to have the option for connecting in the situation above too.

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