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Users Unable to Log In

Linda A

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Sorry, there is a problem

Your browser does not accept cookies which is required in order to log in.

Error code: 1S267/1

 That's the message I get when I try to login using Chrome or Opera -- Firefox has worked fine, but I think only because I was logged in already. I have no cookie-blocking add-ons, so I don't quite understand what the issue could be. Anyone seen something like this happening with IPS 4, and know what the solution is? Thanks!

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I suspect it may be browser settings. I do not have Chrome to hand to check that (examine its settings) but for Opera try:

Tools > Settings (try ALT+P on a Windows machine if you cannot find it) that should bring the settings page up.

Then its Privacy / Security > Cookies

See pic, this is for the latest version (30.x) but older ones should be similar:



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