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Issue with Adding SSL


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I was unable to access to bug tracker, so I decided to post the issue I am having here. I own expired IPB license, so I am aware of how it works (the way you no longer get support after your support term is expired). Note that I am not using nulled (cracked) software, I've obtained a copy of IPB 4 from my colleagues.

The issue on Invision Power Board (haven't upgraded yet..) is once you add SSL to your site & change the url, the images, JS scripts, and other elements are streamed from HTTP even though in NGINX (webserver) I've configured in a way that it would force the http request to 301 redirect to https request.

The way to reproduce is to run upgrade. If you don't have anything to upgrade, I've changed MySQL to appear the suit as outdated (NOT RECOMMENDED) to perform the upgrade. Other way is to add an outdated app, and run the upgrade. (recommended)

I've heard that you guys would support constants.php modification for advanced users to enable the advanced settings. I am yet to see that documented, and I would like to see that in the very near future.


Thank you.

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This is unfortunately one of many reasons we limit access to resources to active clients. 

I want to be very clear - it is not support that is expired - it is your license. Support happens to come with that. Given your license has not been active in 1.5 years, you certainly would not have been able to legally obtain IPS4 as is currently installed on your licensed URL. Whether "nulled" or "from a  colleague" - piracy is piracy and clients aren't exempt from this. Many unfortunately feel because they once purchased a license that they're off the hook indefinitely. That is not the case. The only thing we allow after license expiration is continued use of the site as it exists on the day of expiration. Any other relationship and benefits with and from IPS cease until the license is renewed and in all cases, you are indefinitely bound by the terms of the license agreement -- which covers sharing and unauthorized usage of the product -- until which time you cease use of and destroy all copies of the software. Violation of that license agreement results in license termination, which is likely to be the case here -- so it's quite important to weigh out the loss of potentially hundreds of dollars vs a $25 renewal (or simply following the terms of the license agreement if you do allow it to lapse, which means no updates.)

It's quite disrespectful to come here after pirating the software and ask active, paying clients to fund your unauthorized usage and support of the product. 


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