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Very Limited Font Colours


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Is there a way to add more font colours to the font menu?
There is a very limited amount of colours currently...I'm a pretty big fan of being able to choose "more colours" and picking some better options.
Having access to different blues and greens (teal) is kind of essential for me.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 10.18.55 AM.png

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Just add the colour dialog plugin....


Yes, the default could be a nicer color selector, but then the default may not then be to others liking (I'd be straight on here asking to reduce it)

I just tried that on my site and it managed to change my CKEditor theme and the "reset" option didn't change it back. Ended up messing around for half an hour to get it back to the IPS theme. o_O

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Just tested it out (again) and it works perfectly fine - download the zip, go into the ACP, go to customize the toolbars, click add button and upload the zip. Result: 'More Colors' link added to the existing color dialog.

First time ever trying this and I want to make sure I am doing it right. It's ACP>Customize Toolbar> Add Button>Custom?


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Nope - it's a CKEditor Plugin, so you use that tab and upload the zip.

 I don't see a place to upload it in the ACP. I do see these instructions:

To install a new plugin, upload the plugin directory to the /applications/core/interface/ckeditor/ckeditor/plugins directory, then visit this page and select the plugin from the list.

I am so not a techie. What exactly is that asking me to do? FTP? Config? This looks like something that is beyond my ability to do.  

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