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IPB 4.0


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I just want to say, whilst there are usually complaints posted in this section, I absolutely love the new software.

It has been a steep learning curve at times – I have no coding experience prior to using IPB – but with a LOT of perseverance, I've been able to figure things out. As others have said, Pages needs some work to help newbies get to grips with it; perhaps something as basic as an option to choose between using 2 pre-made templates (grid blog, list blog) or a custom template. But what I've been able to do – particularly with Pages – is astounding. I have had to ask for help with coding the more advanced things (on here and from someone I found who's comfortable coding IPS), but overall, I think it's excellent and I'm delighted with it.

Finally, the people you have working here are fantastic. I believe those who eventually choose to use IPS, won't readily leave after experiencing your customer service. It's not perfect – the bug reporting can be a bit frustrating when you see nothing being done – but it's close to it; and when you do interact with people you realise that's probably one of the most important aspects to using customisable software. It's all well and good buying it and messing around with the design/coding, but when it goes wrong, that's when you get your money's worth from IPS.

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