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Pages functionality, next release


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From what I understand, the IPB team focus at present is to fix bugs that have been identified in the 4.x releases.  I understand that bug fixes are needed and that they will support everyone's use.

I also feel that the PAGES functionality is so severely limited in the present release that much of what should be possible to do in PAGES is lacking.  So much of the work I put together in 3.4.x is not able to function in the current release and while I might try to break fix some code together and get limited functionality back into my site, that hardly seems reasonable.  I used over 200 individual blocks in 3.4.x and called out specific fields or subfolders in articles, gallery, blog, and forum settings such as "pinned" to structure unique page displays.  All of this functionality is non-functional now.

Ok, maybe I should not have upgraded and just kept working on 3.4.x version, but again much of my work was using IP.content features that would ultimately be lost in moving to 4.x.

Please consider restoring some of the basic functionality that existed in 3.4.x sooner rather than later.

Such things as:

Calling forum content based upon sub categories and status such as pinned.

Calling gallery content for specific albums or subcategories

Calling content from articles, filtered upon custom fields

Calling gallery content into a single widget that rotates images from a specific album or subcategory

Calling content based upon applied tags


At present I don't want to drive down a path to create unique code to perform these functions, functions that I feel myself and others have become accustomed to and developed quite a robust method of use on our websites to display.  This was before and I hope for the future the reason to choose IP.PAGES and IPB overall so we could easily sort/filter our community generated content and incorporate it into web pages along with other content.

If these functions will not be within a future release then please let me know so I can struggle and try to code in a work around. As I read the "TODO" list it seems as though these functions will be included someday, just not sure when.



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