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Announcement and MOD CP not working


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Hey Guys!

I just upgraded from 3 to 4 and I am killing all bugs right now.
And now I just detected this one on my forums:
Whenever I try to create, edit oder delete an announcement I get these error messages.

As you can see, I do not have any announcement application to activate?! 

Thanks in advance for any help


PS: My Moderation CP doesn't work too, that is why I disabled it...
Reported stuff is just loading... nothing happening.. When I want to see "all reports" i get an error



2015-07-12 12_05_37-Announcements - Anijunkies.com.png

2015-07-12 12_05_45-A configuration or server error has occurred.png

Okay updates: I got the announcements to work (I don't even know how... after deleting one the system seemed to work again), but everything that is being reported still shows up with this error message...?!?!?!

I can see the ModCP when I go over this link: "forum/?app=core&module=modcp&tab=announcements" but the only thing I can
change is announcements...

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Have you check via click photo and then clicking Moderator CP as image provided is if have reports but the two could be old ones so go via the image above if same issue you have two options 1) submit support ticket via client area and also report issue in bug tracker or 2) i am happy to check that not issue your forum **FOR FREE** 

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I might send a ticket, thanks

Well I don't know why everythings so buggy, when I click on "see my activity" it also just leads to the "edit my profile" site... It doesn't show my activity... man whats wrong with this software haha





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