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Idea: Banner on each forums and sub-forums


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This is a great idea that just popped into my head

I think many people will like this mod/add-on

Its to allow for a banner for each forums and sub-forum. Meaning you click on a forum/sub-forum and it will take you to threadbit. and on that threabit will be the banner. it can be just a static banner (just an image) or it can hyperlink

we can also change the size (length and width/height) -- this is important

And have the option to hyperlink it meaning the banner can have a link in it which can redirect it to somewhere else

isn't this a great idea??!!

If a mod/add-on like this is made I will definitely buy it


like so



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I got this for IP.Board 3.4. PM me if you want me to update it to IPS4.


I will purchase another forum for a different community soon

when I do I hope this will be available for ips4. I will definitely buy it right away. I hope it has at least the options I've mentioned above

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