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Adriano Faria

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1 hour ago, All Astronauts said:

Update to this has been submitted to the Marketplace. So, whenever @AndyF get's around to it (it is the weekend after all) you'll see it there.

FYI This is @Flitterkill - I'm just moving all my IPS work under a single account not related to an active community.

I'm usually here at the weekend so that's not a big issue. File checked and approved.

Thank you for your consideration though with time and days etc that is greatly appreciated. :)

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Yep, paid one gets priority now. This freebie will get caught up time permitted.

Someone pm'd me asking if one or the other was working (not sure which he was talking about...) with 4.2 because he couldn't get the button to show or something. Just confirming the paid version is fine, button and widgets, with 4.2 and 4.2.1, just tested.

Adding in a more compact dialog modal view now, same stuff as when you click the button to display the popup, just a more dense view. Also upping the range per modal page you can display.

That's out the door first, then I'll take a look at what needs fixing to get the freebie back up to compat.

Paid one is just $5 and will always have more options (widgets, better configurable dialog modal, etc.). The freebie is feature-locked.

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