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Clients without active license can't report bugs anymore?


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This was deliberate as we cleaned up the bug tracker... hundreds of reports were from inactive license holders inadvertently using the bug tracker for support and more importantly, reporting bugs that were already fixed, but because the license isn't active, they wouldn't be able to access the updates that fixed the issue. Further, in many cases, especially with IPS4, the developers need you to submit a support request so the issue can be investigated if they're not able to reproduce locally. There are no provisions for this on inactive licenses and this crosses back into support territory. 

For now, we're limiting the bug tracker to those who have the ability to update the software and access support. 

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. While we don't typically close feedback topics, this is more of an inquiry which has been addressed and not something we are actively seeking feedback on at this time. If you have further concerns, you're free to reopen your account services support request. 

Thank you!

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