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Who We Are - IP.Board 4.x


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12 minutes ago, Joey_M said:

Can it retain it's old layout, with the recently discussed moving up to show next to the display pictures.

No. I really don't think it makes no sense to show a list of topics at the top and another below. It makes more sense the way it is now. 

Anyway, it's a template. You can change yours to display as you want.

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  • IPS 4.2
  • IPS 4.1


  • Fix reported issues: plugin made from the scratch.

New features:

  • Two options of block templates to choose
  • Three sizes option of members photo
  • New option in the Account Settings to member enable/disable block viewing
    • Link to the this area in the block itself


  • UNINSTALL the version you have
  • Install this version
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Some users report bug on widget.

Is showing infos from others members.



On last version have the problem... I'll take a picture when it happens again.



Last version from a admin:



Apparently you only see other people who are in the same group as you

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18 minutes ago, mutley said:

I have just tried this new version out and it looks great. However, it still appears to have the problem that unread posts highlighted in bold in the plug-in are not refreshed and un-bolded once viewed. 


This is a widget and as such, it is updated from time to time, according toyour ACP setting. Default is 300 (5 minutes). Minimum is 60 (1 minute). It will NEVER update instantly. 

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I have an idea to make the statistics better ...

I believe that rounding the values will look better and in this case we do not need chopped numbers.


We are 232904 users and have posted over 634738 messages!


We are 232000 users and have posted over 634000 messages!


We are 232K users and have posted over 634K messages!

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