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Who We Are - IP.Board 4.x


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The cog setting is per-user. I don't know about overriding (I'm guessing no).  The toggle to re-enable the plugin appears to be in the usermenu under Account Settings in its own tab.



I'm hoping that a future update will move the Start new topic button to Recently discussed forum topics. I would like to disable the "participated" block but lose the new topic button if I do.

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4 hours ago, -RAW- said:

Any suggestion on where will be best to add, was the fist thing that came in mind to add a setting there as many where requesting it, but i will like to hear from you guys.

Not sure what you where asking :)

Would it be possible to have this block default setting for all users - off? So that they actively must enable it to get this feature.

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1. Can be adapted to 4.1.9? There is no settings in the profile :( 

2. When you click on the link in the recently discussed topics I get to the last post. You can do to I get to the last unread post? Otherwise I miss a lot of messages

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Nice plugin. Can you make the link was not the last Message in the " topics where members have participated ", and the last Unread message in topics? Like in plugin Board Face in version 3.4 IPB?

Sorry for bad Engl.


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We have a couple of problems with this

We have set permissions for guests to be able to view who we are but it is not showing up for guests

Secondly we have set it to show 36 profiles but it is only showing 26.

I have tried removing the block and re-adding it and re-entering the settings but no luck

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