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Just now, -RAW- said:

To be honest i haven't even installed 4.1, but i can have someone check and post here if it does, if not i will do sone as i get home from work.

chers, i have bought it just scared to install after bad experiences before with other plugins, running incomptiable version ;)


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Yeah, so apparently it was just an installation problem. I actually had this app on the IPB 3.4.8 version, so I just upgraded it. My broser crashed during the upgrade and it showed some sort of error, so that must have affected the installation. I uninstalled it and re-installed it again, and now it works.

However, I can't figure out how to set the restrictions for which groups to use the app. Also, is it possible to poke the same member several times in a row? Because once I poke a member once and refresh the page, the poke button disappears from their profile.

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On 1/14/2016 at 10:43 PM, Morrigan said:

At this time there is no way to poke people multiple times as the functionality is poking back and forth. (I poke you, you poke me back) unless you reset the poke totals.

The pokes app for IPB 3 allowed multiple pokes in a row and that was pretty much what made this app fun. Members would have poke wars and compete in how many times in a row they can poke each other in a certain time frame. Now they are all complaining that they are missing this feature and they hardly use the poke app anymore.

When are you going to re-add the consecutive pokes feature?

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On 1/21/2016 at 7:52 PM, -RAW- said:

That was more of a bug than a feature in IPS 3 and @Tripp_UK posted the reason why on the first page on this topic.

Strange how, on IPS 3.4, I used to have almost a hundred members poking each other thousands of times a day while hosting my community on a small shared hosting account, and never had any server issues...

If attaching a macro mouse clicker thing is actually a problem (although who would ever think about doing that and why?), why not make it so that the admin can set a maximum number of consecutive pokes in the ACP?

To be honest, I'm getting tired of daily complains from members who want their IPB 3 features back... None of the widgets for IPS 4 seem to do the same things as their equivalents from IPS 3...

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