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Pages: Choice for Inline and Block Fields


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In 3.4, additional IP.Content fields are shown as a table below the body field. In Pages though, they are shown as an inline list under the title.

While both concepts have their use, the new default is problematic for two cases:

  • Upgrades from 3.4, where a default layout did work, don’t work anymore.
  • New fields which need a lot of space (videos, images, larger text fields) don’t work, because they are all squashed in a tiny inline list.

I would propose to add a radio selection with the two choices “Display as List Element” or “Display as Block Element” for each field. The first option creates the current Pages result. For the second option there would be an additional foreach loop in the default template under der body field. Upgraded fields could be shown in this mode to maintain the original layout better.


This feature request is based on various user posts I have read over the last weeks. For people who can deal with custom templates, this isn’t an issue. But for novice users the forced inline list seems to be problematic.

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