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Accents in posts urls


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We have a forum in french, and like in spanish or other latin languages we have accents in forum titles like : "Réseaux sociaux" which gives a weird url :


What we would like to have is :


How could we get that ? as it is much better to share the second url than the first one above

Tx for your help !

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Hi Ilya !

wow congrats for your plugin ! :)

so basically in french two letters with accents are very common : à and é

but just in case here is a good list :

à - a

â - a

ç - c

é - e

è - e

ê - e

ï - i

î - i

ô - o

û - u

and the same but in capital letters

EDIT : i just found a nice code, maybe using this would be easier for you :

function removeaccents($string) 
        $string= strtr($string,  
        return $string;  

this has the advantage to work for the following languages : French, Italian, Spanish :)

tell me if you need any other information, tx a lot ;)


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