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Background process going at snails pace


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So i upgraded to ipb4 about 6 days ago. the background process started and was moving at what seemed a normal pace then after about 3 hours hit a point were it pretty much doesn't move at all. Over the past 6 days its moved 2 percent for the 3 bars that are moving in the background process. if i click run manually it starts to run it normally for about 2 minutes then gets stuck in some sort of loop where it just refreshes and shows the '>' symbol were it should say what it's processing. This is annoying because the forum is down unil the background process is complete and it looks like it will be down for over a week. (ill also note we have 470k members and just as many posts incase thats important)


Would really love some help thanks

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LOL, I am going on weeks now. 2 million posts and 15 million posts for another forum. First it killed my server for several days and made my site unreachable, so I had to move the upgraded forum to a private folder with no visitors and control the background processes.

When you set the background process by cron to one minute like recommended, it keeps running the same queries even if the previous query hasn't finished, resulting in the same slow frozen query running dozens of time and killing your server. I would think they should run a check to see whether the previous query is active or completed before running the same query multiple times.

The thought that this is a one time thing makes me relieved. And the new design and control panels are awesome, so I look forward to it.

P.S. This is what I did to avoid the downtime. I'm not sure if there is a better way. Rename the folder your 4.0 is in (to some temporary name like /content2) and move your 3.4 backup to the same location it was before (/content/ or whatever it was). Then change the config and .htaccess for 4.0 to point to the new temporary folder. Then run your background processes for a few days while your old forum still receives traffic. Once it is completed rename the folders again and change the config and htaccess file to point ot correct locations.

You will lose any new posts that occur between that time period. But you have to choose what is worse, losing all the visitors and revenue for those days, or losing the new posts.

Mine has been stuck the same. I think tasks are being locked?


When I click on run manually, it just circles, tries to start, circles again and goes like this in an infinite loop.

When this happened to me I checked the running mysql processes to see what it was doing, and was able to see it was still working but stuck with a slow query, (sometimes taking minutes or tens of minutes). At least you will know if it is doing something.

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