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Memcache, GZIP, MySQL questions//installation

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I see it being listed under caching and that a extension is needed (this is as far as my knowledge goes).

How does MySQL vs File System fair in terms of performance on a Cloud based package?

Then there's GZIP and Memcache, would one go about into installing and getting those up and running?

Does it even work and/or supported on the Cloud solution (someone has to have tried or have extensive knowledge about this).


Basically my board is really slow: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/www.clarity-dojo.com/pZjv7sJF while the general rule of thumb is that numbers should be taken with a grain of salt.

I do feel and see that the board is slow (this is a clean board btw, I deleted and uninstalled every 3rd party app/plugin earlier due to various issues).

Lastly if GZIP and Memcache is a thing are there anyone for hire out there, because I'd like to run a board that isn't butchered.

I don't have the technical know-how like most on this forum, not even Intermediate level.

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Right now using IPS's cloud solution but most likely switching to self hosted in 2 weeks (the questions are related to the cloud solution).

Self hosted will be VPS and all those things will be possible, but right now I'm just curious if they can be pulled off on IPS's cloud platform.

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